Innovative Insurance Ideas at Work

by Jessica Guenard-Valiquette on January 27, 2010

What distinguishes true innovation, brilliant ideas… skillful execution?

From the moment you engage our services, we begin to look for better ways. Better ways to protect your business…better options for safeguarding your benefits program…better choices to shield your personal assets.

Established in 2001, Abacus Group is a Northern Ontario based business, formed to facilitate the management of an important facet of your business—Human Resources.
The team at Abacus Group is well-appointed to assist your human resources department with the evaluation or design of an existing or new employee benefits package. Our outstanding reputation with a wide variety of insurance providers makes available to us a wealth of product to evaluate, thereby affording us the opportunity to propose a plan that best suits your needs.

Identifying areas of waste and recommending cost-cutting measures ensures that once your custom designed plan is implemented, we are able to promote the advantages of employment with your company and successfully communicate and educate plan members on resourceful usage.
A well placed employee benefits package increases team morale, leading to greater efficiency in the workplace. Our ability to effectively work in conjunction with an array of clients, from the small business owner to the large corporation, is exceeded only by our commitment to exceptional customer service and province-wide accessibility.

Whether you are a business owner who knows exactly what they are looking for, or need a little help with the details, we are eager to assist you in making this key feature of running your business a little bit easier.

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